Founder Understanding Date is here! FUD or Not?

Ftribe Fighters (F2 NFT)
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Founder Understanding Date (FUD) or not !?!

Fighters, for all of you who would like to know more about our plans for Ftribe Fighters, let’s hear what our founder has to share!
This will be our method of communicating to our supporters for the upcoming months! There will be more exciting news to come. So stay tune and enjoy this amazing journey!
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Hi everyone,
I’m Tue, CEO of Ftribe Games. Today, the Ftribe team made a program called FUD, Founder Understanding Date. The program is held every month so that the project development team can interact with the public, who have been interested in the project. This will also be the most official information channel from the project development team, with the hope that the updated information is true, sufficient, official, and not an unverified and rumored information. Recently, the Ftribe team has to thank the community for being interested in the project, having made many contributions to the development of the project up to now. And once again the team also affirms that the team is currently trying their best to deliver the product on time. Currently, compared to the roadmap, the amount of work done exceeds the roadmap. It’s also quite a lot, like the Beta Test I gave about 1 month ahead of time. At the same time, they can also put their products on the platforms of the Apple Store, google play, so that everyone can easily access the project’s products. And also to reiterate that it is still a Beta Test product, and to confirm one thing is if everyone’s experience on this Beta Test has many errors arising, it is also because the team wants to test widely to the community, thereby receiving feedback and making the product better.

In the past, the community will surely have many questions, including why has the price of F2C dropped so much?
First of all, this is the general situation of the market, the biggest coins like Bitcoin, BNB, or Ethereum all depreciated. As for other gamefi projects, the reduction is also very large, and this is a manifestation of the market, not a manifestation of the project, because the team is building a game that everyone can play, and based on the Beta Test we also know which direction this game is going, the entertainment of this game will be very high, and that is the core value of the product. Ftribe chooses a quite different path compared to most other gamefi projects that focus on making money, while Ftribe focuses more on entertainment. I am saying this so that people have the right view of the project, its mission, and its vision, and also to avoid comparing the Ftribe Fighters project with other projects, which may look alike but It’s really not the same. The thoughts about the product are different, the thoughts about implementing the project are also different. I hope everyone can understand and share this vision. In a lot of the information previously given, the project team has always given their vision that Ftribe Fighters will be a 2–3 year project, and include other projects running in the same ecosystem. The current manifestations since the listing was released on January 5, for the team, it is only a temporary and short-term manifestation. The fact that the price has not flown high or anything is due to the way people think about the product and not the way the project is going. Similar to a helicopter, it goes up very quickly and flies straight up very quickly. But the height of the helicopter can’t be compared to a normal civil aircraft, it goes up, but when it goes up, it continues going upward and that is also the direction of the project. Ftribe Fighters wants that when the new game is listed, it’s just the community’s expectations for the project, but step by step the project releases features and the environment, the quality of the project will be confirmed by the roadmap and that will decides what the token price will be like, not by taking fomo information and making its price soared based on the expectation of the product. In fact, that’s not how Ftribe does with the project, and that’s also our mindset when thinking about the current F2C price.

Does Ftribe Fighters have a marketing plan or strategy in the near future?
The answer is a lot. From here until the official release of the game, there will be a series of features on DeFi that will be implemented in the project’s ecosystem. After the official release of the game, there will be play-to-earn modes directly from the game through the battle of skills but of course also through the trading on it. The project will have all of those features. And this will not be an empty promise because it will be on the roadmap. And we are on that path, not late at any point on the roadmap. That will be our biggest commitment. As for the F2C price, it is the same.

As for the price of the box, there are currently some questions about the price of the box dropping so much and so on?
Well, I’m seeing that the price of the box is at a low level because the game has not officially been released, then for some who bought the boxes, they wanted to exit early when the market was entering the downtrend phase, so it is normal for you to lower the price to sell. It is also a fact that currently the project only has Beta Test, and the test does not have a monetization mode, so owning an NFT does not yet reflect lots of value for the price increase. However, the boxes that are released in the early stages are the only boxes that will be released with 100% guns. Later box releases on other platforms will not have that, as the gun rate is very low, much lower about 10–15% chances to get guns, so the original box is more valuable because it drops 100% guns, a special initial rate only. Holding the box will be valuable in that sense. When the game officially runs you will see its value, the application of the box of Ftribe Fighters is not an NFT to make a price without any justification, or without having an actual game, these are not true.

Next is the earning mechanism of Ftribe Fighters?
Ftribe Fighters has an earning mechanism in the game. Currently for the Beta Test, we offer a total prize of $45,000 for the duration of the Beta Test, which is not to be earned from the developer side, it is not earned in the way for Ftribe Fighters to make money later. Not at all. That is just a reward for those who participate in the test because when we test we will balance a lot of things, and that is a mandatory process for any game development. Ftribe Fighter mechanics will focus on how the number of games you play, the number of matches you win, and your skill level will directly affect the ability to earn money from playing the game. In addition, if you are an investor, it will be a little bit better to play the game because you will have some external features to support and drive that investment value, not just to trade your playing time with money.

Some questions about why Beta Test has a lot of bugs?
Well, like I mentioned earlier, we test to see errors and then fix it, as we can’t make a product without errors so we fix it, we fix it and it costs money for that and I called it the R&D cost. The Open Beta Test to the community is to serve that purpose.

Some of you asked why the 4th week was offline for a week?
Playing the game and testing, we discovered a lot of errors, even the bots appeared and played in our game; that is the environment for me to actually see the player’s reaction, experience, and so on, so that we can listen to it all and optimize it in the updates until the official release, when it will be a perfect and better version than the test product.

MARCH 2022
This March, the Ftribe Fighters project will have a number of key activities in product launch including an exchange, staking farming, and will also announce several partnerships with major platforms for NFT releases and strategic partnership establishments with these platforms.

Well thank you everyone for the support, thank you very much!



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