Coming soon on Liquidifty — a cross-chain NFT Marketplace

We are proud to announce the formation of new cooperation between Ftribe and Liquidifty. With this collaboration, both of our teams will work to build the community and provide cross-platform interoperability.

Ftribe and Liquidifty are committed to collaborating to further investigate the current opportunities in the NFT market, while also offering a seamless, coherent, and consistent experience for our users. This collaboration is a significant step forward for the Ftribe community, as it will assist expand our player base and boost the value of our NFTs.

— — About Liquidifty — —

Liquidifty is a cross-chain NFT Marketplace based on Binance Smart Chain. Liquidifty provides different tools for NFT collectors.

Liquidifty provides various opportunities for NFT collectors and GameFi players such as limited NFT drops, special offers, and collector contests. Also Liquidifty is well-known because of its massive support of young and promising NFT Artists. Soon Liquidifty is going to implement cross-chain NFT oracles, loans under NFT collateral, NFT vaults, and more.

There are many different and unique NFTs across various blockchains, but one thing unites them — value. Liquidifty helps users tap into and leverage this value. The platform is currently live on Binance Smart Chain but will soon be available on the Ethereum, Polkadot, and FLOW blockchains.

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— — About Ftribe Figthers — —
Ftribe Fighters is one of the first 3D Free-To-Play MOBA blockchain games, offering players with a variety of battle modes. We build a virtual world where players can customize their avatars, view, purchase equipment and socialize with other Fighters. The ultimate goal of our team is to build a game ecosystem within our metaverse, which FTribe Fighters is our first game.
Our ecosystem comprises Ftribe Fighters, the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, NFT Marketplace, DeFi platforms, Box Store.
Our mission is to build a free, transparent, decentralized world where players have the right to play the game their way freely.
Our vision is to be one of the pioneers in building up Metaverse development in the near future.

Stay tuned for more updates 👇
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Ftribe Fighters is a native mobile #MOBA game with high-quality #3D graphics and #P2E tokenomics. Start fighting and earning now:

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Ftribe Fighters (F2 NFT)

Ftribe Fighters (F2 NFT)

Ftribe Fighters is a native mobile #MOBA game with high-quality #3D graphics and #P2E tokenomics. Start fighting and earning now:

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